Saturday, March 7, 2015

CU OK Garden Elements

This element pack contains 30 png files, each png file is 300 DPI This pack contains:

2 Fairy Pavilion 1729x1623
3 Benches 708x598 | 754x629 | 430x219
4 Bird Baths 419x600 | 427x644 | 474x668 | 491x659
6 Flower Bunches 513x500 | 784x458 | 670x236 | 670x236 | 235x578 | 410x412
5 Single Flowers 341x382 | 174x374 | 331x325 | 183x378 | 357x350
1 Rock Seat 889x403
1 Old Lantern 501x927
2 Fairy Houses 1737x1244 | 1719x1336
1 Tree Stump Table & Chairs 447x265
1 Tree with Lantern 197x549
1 Vine covered stump 276x298
2 Mushroom clusters 264x325 | 642x489
1 Hollowed Vine Covered Tree 576x949

*Items marked CU or Commercial use:
You may:
-use these in your projects that you sell, but only resold as personal use
-use them in scrapkits
-recolor them to fit your needs

-create element packs using these elements
-use in Digital Collage sheets
-use on POD, print on demand, sites

Credit MUST BE given in your finished product's TOU/Read me Files


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